We're wild about
North Wales

Don't follow the flock

Because that’s what everyone else is doing. We’re interested in what you want to do. Where you want to go. The things that light you up, bowl you over and remind you that there is more to see and know and taste than the same old same old. 



Welcome fellow explorer. Welcome radical thinker, curious questioner and rebel breed. A big hello to the contrarians and adventurers who will happily step off the beaten path and into the lesser-known. This extraordinary corner of the universe is blessed with trail runs and tumbling waters. Coastlines and castles. Forests and lakes. Beyond the crowded summits and tourist traps lie hidden caverns, artisan gin and stinkingly good cheese. Our sole purpose is to proudly guide you into the unknown. To places you’ve never seen and will likely never forget.

Most will come to Eryri and only see the mountain.

For those who know there is more, there’s Knowdonia.

Croeso i Eryri / Welcome to Eryri


Places and plans

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