Specialist experience

If you prefer to focus your experience on a specific theme and not be limited geographically, then here are a number of options:

The Adrenaline Seeker

Looking for a little pick me up? Your adrenal glands will be on high alert while you 007 down the fastest zip line in the world. Surf on the world’s first inland lagoon or thunder across the water on the world's fastest rib ride. Yes, that’s right. A rib ride.

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The Wanderer

Sometimes all you need is the clothes on your back and a sense of direction. Sometimes all you need are paths and trails that cut through forests, sweep around lakes and send you for miles up the North Wales coastline. Great for getting away from all the things.

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The Family Day Out

We make out like this is for the kids but who doesn’t want to explore shipwrecks, discover dragons, ride zip wires and meet puffins, red squirrels and seals!

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The Artisan

Visit gin and whiskey distilleries, traditional blacksmiths, wine tastings at vineyards, coffee roasteries, handmade soap and see how the world’s best sea salt is made.

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The Photographer

From the drama of the high mountains, to the verdant green valleys, gentle lakes and teeming waterfalls and rivers, Snowdonia has it all. Added to this the weather is often full of drama and amazing light too - a real photographer's paradise.

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The History Nut

Immerse yourself in world heritage castles, neolithic remains, iron age hillforts and roman ruins and understanding the history of the beautiful Welsh language, landmarks and legends

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